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World Day of Social Justice -20 February 2019

On Social Equity Justice Day we recognize the ongoing need to promote effort to redress poverty, exclusion, unemployment, gender inequity and the denial of social justice for all. Inherit Your Rights does this work woman-by-woman and step-by-step.

Throughout her childhood Fatuma was subjected to sexual assault. At 16 she escaped to a safe house which gave her a home and supported her to go to school. When Fatuma was 17 she was sexually assaulted again, this time by a teacher at her school. The school expelled her.  

The safe house contacted Inherit Your Rights on Fatuma’s behalf and Winnie, our lawyer, was able to convince the school that Fatuma’s expulsion had been unjust and that they must accommodate her right to education and her ability to complete those exams. Fatuma returned to school and sat her final exams last year.

This may be seen as a only partial victory - the teacher was not able to be prosecuted, the school may treat the next girl in the same way – but Fatuma’s opportunities for further education and future employment were protected. Fatuma was protected from the consequences of inevitable and extreme poverty and has learned that she has the ability to stand up against abuse and discrimination. Fatuma also now knows that there are others who are prepared to stand beside her.

Please support Inherit Your Rights to provide information, education and representation to Tanzania women and girls. 

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