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We deliver community-wide legal & human rights

training events and short courses. 

Our aim is to educate all stakeholders across Tanzanian society on topics concerning women's legal rights including:

  • basic human rights, including children’s rights

  • property rights and inheritance law

  • family law matters, including marriage, divorce, and child custody

  • violence against women & girls, including domestic abuse, FGM, and sexual assault

Through education, we bring awareness of the endemic inequalities & injustices experienced by women and girls, and why it is vitally important to put an end to this cycle of injustice for the benefit of all society.  

We deliver our training across the community to reach key on-the-ground decision makers. To bring change, we need to involve men and leaders, key agents of societal change. Men need to understand the laws pertaining to women's rights and to value those rights. Similarly, local leaders and faith leaders are pivotal influencers in their communities, and the initial authority in dispute resolution. Therefore, it is crucial for these leaders to understand the rights of women and girls, and the laws in place to protect those rights.

Our current training projects include: 

  • Women's Training: In partnership with other community organisations, we deliver human rights training and workshops to women's groups, teaching women about their human and legal rights, how to defend those rights, and self-protection strategies for their physical safety and emotional wellbeing. 

  • Gender Equality Training: To engage men in women's rights advocacy, we train groups of men and women on women's rights and the importance of gender equality, and how it can strengthen families and whole communities. In particular, we teach about a woman’s right to own land and property, that women have the right to a voice in family decisions, gender roles within a family and the division of labour, abandonment, domestic violence and the damaging psychological effect of family crisis on children, children’s rights and how to protect children from abuse, and dispute resolution procedure.

  • Leaders Training: Engaging community decision-makers in advocacy for women's rights, we train local, clan and faith leaders on women and girls' legal rights, the importance of safeguarding for child-protection, and the correct procedures for resolving disputes within the community without gender bias. 

  • School Program: Working with government and independent schools, we provide training to students, teachers and parents on children's rights, the procedures for reporting child abuse, and the tools for safeguarding children at home, in school and in the community at large.  

  • Girls’ Empowerment Project: To develop the leadership potential in young girls, especially primary school girls, this capacity-building program's main focus is to build courage in young girls to take action against injustice. Through establishing girls' clubs across school districts, we equip girls with the knowledge and know-how to be able to help other girls facing challenges or dealing with abuse at school, home, and in their communities.


Do you know a group that would benefit from our training?

Our training on women's legal rights is free. We can offer a one day workshop or longer programs for your community group. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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