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Our History


A Voice for Women's Rights, Equality & Justice

Inherit Your Rights was founded in 2011 in Arusha, Tanzania by two international human rights lawyers, with the mission to assist and represent widows who unjustly face losing their property and inheritance rights following the death of their husbands. Our strategy was to educate, empower and represent. 


Our educational programs began in March 2013, when the Inherit Your Rights legal team started to deliver human rights lectures to widow’s groups across the region. That year, Inherit Your Rights visited and delivered training to seven rural Maasai villages, reaching over 300 widows. Widows across the Arusha region and beyond began hearing about their rights to inheritance, property, fair treatment within a marriage and most importantly how to defend those rights. 


Now in our 11th year, Inherit Your Rights’ is led by three impassioned Tanzanian advocates, and our remit has grown from defending widows' rights, to advancing the rights of all women through education and advocacy. We provide training and support to entire communities - through legal rights’ training events delivered to women’s groups, men, schools, local leaders and faith leaders; our curriculum-based Community Advisor Program, which teaches individuals to advocate for themselves and others; and our free legal aid & counseling services. 


In 2021, we trained over 10,000 men, women and children at in-person training events, 90 women completed our Community Advisor Program, and we provided legal aid to 127 women. 


We believe that through educating all members of society on their legal rights and duties, systemic change is possible, and we can stop the cycle of injustice sadly faced by many. We can build an equal and more just society for all. We also believe that all women have the right to legal assistance & representation, and we are committed to providing this service to those in need.

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