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We equip individuals to defend their human & legal rights. 

We run a 16 topic curriculum-based Community Advisor Program, accompanied by a practical Legal Rights Manual.


Through this program we believe we are equipping individuals with the knowledge and know-how to be advocates

for social justice in their communities.


Participants learn about women's rights, the laws in place to protect women and girls from harm and injustice,

and the legal procedures to follow to protect and defend those rights. 

Meet Mama Rehama

When Mama Rehama heard about Inherit Your Rights work, she quickly mobilised her fellow community members to get involved and participate in our legal training program.


Thanks to Mama Rehama, this training has played a key role in building awareness and changing perceptions when it comes to women’s rights in her community.

Equipped as a Community Advisor, Mama Rehama has been able to bring her knowledge and voice to her Village Council and Women’s Forum to ensure that women are heard and represented.

Previously, claims made through these channels by women regarding property and inheritance were ignored or met with resistance.

Many never even made a claim, due to a lack of awareness of women's rights.

"I really believe that women can bring change to a community and that the future can be bright." 

- Mama Rehama

Now, with knowledge of their rights and how to exercise them, Mama Rehama says women in her community have a newfound confidence.


“Training and awareness of legal rights can change women, men and children to recognise their rights, to know what they need to do and how to stand on their own two feet.” 

Mama Rehama continues to raise awareness and empower others by providing legal advice to women and mediating on marital issues and property matters.

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