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Women Standing Together!

Responding to Women's abuse or even just oppression with a call for action is not yet an established culture for many women, in Tanzania. 'This is what makes the women's human rights fight a static movement, women need strong solidarity, fighting for each other and standing together to protect their Human rights!" quoted Baraka Joel our Community Training Lawyer. "For example, in Inheritance, property rights, and spousal abandonment and so many other areas we need a social change" he continued, "and the community is in not just made up of women. We all have a part to play."

At Sasa Foundation we recently met women who agreed with this statement and saw the power of standing together. "If we come together as women and fight for all inequalities we can achieve our human rights. We have to speak out our challenges and take action by educating each other, representing each other and one other big action is to stand together as united women."

Husna said “ I have seen this work because I have done it , we have achieved it through organising women to come together for our fellow woman and help her stand in front of a judge for her rights , it has worked because she was not scared anymore , she felt secure."

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