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What is the IYR community Legal Advisor Program?

IYR Community Legal Advisor Program builds the capacity of women in northern Arusha to stand against customary practises that use violence and abuse to deny women access to property and inheritance rights and force them, and their children, into poverty.

They are trained over ten-weeks as advisers, promoters and advocates of womens’ basic human and legal rights particularly in the areas of property and inheritance, matrimonial issue and child maintenance.

Our Community Legal Advisors are expected to provide:

· prompt assistance.

· free services at no charge and for no gift or reward in return.

· assistance within the scope of their knowledge and the program.

· accurate and relevant information.

· Fair and impartial service that is not influenced by their own beliefs, preferences or prejudices.

· polite and respectful services to the community member and be courteous in all dealings in their role.

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