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What is the best way to impact a community?

For years, Inherit Your Rights has been training vulnerable women about human rights and the legal rights of women and marginalized.

We've worked tirelessly to help them understand how they can protect themselves from domestic violence and protect their property, their land, their children and their inheritance.

However, often those efforts are thwarted when the men in their lives and leaders in their community did not support our efforts.

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to train 60 women and their 25 leaders with the same material. Both groups graduated with certificates and a Legal Rights manual showing how to handle disputes over property, domestic violence and early child marriage.

They had a huge celebration together after months of training with women giving speeches about how their lives have changed. The male leaders looked on approvingly and also had their own stories of change.

What is the best way to impact a community, so that they uphold women's rights? To involve all the stakeholders and provide them all with the same legal material.

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