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Women and Access to Land

The Land policy in Tanzania puts it emphatically that in allocating land , Village councils have been guided by customs and have continued to discriminate against women by allocating land to heads of households who are usually men... thus in order to enhance and guarantee women's access to land and security of tenure , women will be entitled to acquire land in their own right not only through purchase but also through allocation, subsequently , the Land Act have recognized the right of every adult women to the same restrictions as a right of any man . Accordingly, any discriminatory customary rule that contravenes this principle is illegal. Although the policy acknowledge application of customs and traditions in inheritance of clan or family land such application is subject to being non-discriminatory. Even where it is discovered that a decision of a public officer vested with functions to administer land or an adjudicating authority was actuated by bias or favoritism, it can be challenged for being illegal.

can be challenged for being illegal.

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