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Training for boys?

IYR is a human rights organization which provides free training to women and girls about their human rights so they can use that knowledge to protect themselves from all forms of violence against girls and women. However, the question arises: do we only train girls and women on women human rights?

We think, the answer is no, because in order to protect women rights we need both gender to be aware of woman human rights. Recently, IYR was able to join hands with our partner UMOJA a youth organization and had an opportunity to provide women human rights training to over 50 students’ boys and girls under the organization. Youth between ages of 15 to 20 years

Students involved in intense discussion about human rightss

were able to find out about legal rights for both male and females and to discover that all human are equal before the law. And youth had an opportunity to understand that there is no gender between men and women and neither one is superior to the other, but that they are all human beings.

Conclusively, it’s very important to provide human rights education to both gender to have a better tomorrow which understands the important of equality and end human rights violation.

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