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Meet Veronica!

I began volunteering with Inherit Your Rights at the beginning of this year. As the Communications Officer my role was to essentially help document the amazing working Inherit Your Rights is doing – this meant taking a lot of photos, interviewing inspiring women and writing impact stories. I also worked on developing Inherit Your Rights’ new website and managed social media so our supporters (like you!) could see the difference that was being made on the ground.

Working at Inherit Your Rights was a powerful experience I will always hold dear to me. I have worked in the not-for-profit sector for five years, but this was the first time I could actually see and be part of how operations actually ran at a grassroots level. Seeing how community members were mobilised and brought together for women’s legal rights trainings – and how engaged women were to learn about their rights was truly inspiring. I had the privilege of meeting women so passionate and committed to learning more and advocating for their rights – even despite the obstacles they may face in their community for doing so.

These women inspired to do something more. After I finished volunteering, I decided to climb Kilimanjaro in the name of Inherit Your Rights to help raise awareness of this special cause and raise much needed funds to impact more women so they too can access legal education and support.

It was a privilege to volunteer with Inherit Your Rights and their absolutely amazing team whom I was able to learn so much from. I hope to return again and help spread the message on the vital work they are doing to help educate, empower and represent women in Tanzania.

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