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Know your rights

Every person, man or woman, has basic human rights. Tanzanian law, the Tanzanian Constitution, and other international laws protect these rights. At Inherit Your Rights, we work with women to educate them on the laws that are there to protect their rights, and ways they can assert and defend their rights.

In Tanzania, some of the laws and rights that help protect women include:

  • The Law of Marriage Act: the right to get a divorce

  • The Land Act: the right to own land and property

  • The Village Land Act: the right to own land in a village

  • The Law of the Child Act: a child’s right to a primary school education

Three legal systems work together to create Tanzania’s legal system:

1. Customary Law: These are the customs and traditions of a community.

2. Statutory Law: These are the laws passed by the Tanzanian Parliament and created from the Tanzanian Constitution. These laws guarantee equal rights to men and women.

3. International Law: These laws are based off international treaties between many different countries and guarantee certain rights and protections to all people. The Tanzanian Parliament ratifies these treaties and incorporates them into statutory law.

However, customary law can sometimes deny women rights, such as the right to own or inherit property. If a customary law and statutory law conflict, statutory law prevails but this must be taken through the justice system first. Sadly, many women are simply not aware of their rights and entitlements or do not have the finances, and so do not pursue their claims further through the court system.

At Inherit Your Rights we work with women to educate them on their rights. We also provide legal aid and support so women who otherwise cannot afford to can pursue matters through the justice systems. To learn how we can work with your community group or provide legal support contact us today.

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