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Empowering the next generation

Last week we worked at a local school in Arusha to train 35 students from ages 15-18 on child's rights.

This was the first of eight sessions these students, as well as others in several schools in Arusha and beyond, will attend covering topics such as education, inheritance, child labour and child abuse.

This particular day's training focused on the impact of domestic violence on children and stress management techniques. Domestic violence can affect family members in many different ways. For children, witnessing domestic violence can take a severe emotional toll and can also impact their education.

During our training, the students shared personal stories and asked questions about what they can do when this happens to them.

Winnie, an Inherit Your Rights lawyer and community trainer explained that children can go to both the Gender Help Desk, located in police departments around Tanzania, or meet with a Welfare Officer or a Social Development Officer in the ward where they live.

At either of these venues, children can receive support and help to resolve issues at home.

Inherit Your Rights holds Child Right's trainings such as these in schools around Arusha. These trainings provide a forum for students discuss issues they are facing at home and raises awareness of what rights they are entitled to. Our next session will focus on creating human rights clubs within the schools, so students can continue to facilitate these discussions and can feel empowered to come up with solutions to address issues fellow students are facing.

To learn more about our education program click here.

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