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Meet Neema

Meet Neema. She is one of our students from our partners at Jobortunity who scored 95 in her first paralegal exam with us.

Neema and her fellow class mates will have a second exam in a few weeks’ time. Students who receive over

75% in each exam are eligible to become paralegals.

Neema wanted to become a lawyer since she was a young girl, but after scoring not as well as she hoped in her high school exam, this dream faded away. However, with the support of Inherit Your Rights she is now determined to take advantage of the opportunity to become a paralegal in her community.

After class every Friday, Neema told us that she studied and revised each of the topics Inherit Your Rights' women's rights curriculum in detail. This includes topics on inheritance, wills, property and divorce.

Her hard work paid off when she received her certificate for first in her class.

Neema has already put her learnings into action. “Inherit Your Rights’ training has helped me to protect my mother,” says Neema proudly.

Using her knowledge on property ownership she was able to help her mother who was having a dispute with her uncle over land. Neema was able to advise her mother on the step to take to help resolve the conflict and the documentation required to prove ownership.

Neema is one of 34 students we are currently working with at Jobortunity to provide paralegal training. As grassroots legal advocates, paralegals play an important role in their community and help empower and advise women of their legal rights.

To learn more about our education and paralegal program click here.

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