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Do children cry for no reason??

This question has been a big topic to discuss recently as Inherit Your Rights have been training on children’s rights and child protection.

When children express themselves through crying, it can be seen as a bad behavior or for no reason at all. Is this the case for children? Should we ignore the crying child? Punish him or her for the behavior? These are some of the many questions that have come up in discussion.

Inherit Your Rights would like to give you a different perspective. 

Is it possible that children who are crying have a need?

Absolutely, there is always a need and there’s always a reason for the tears and as adults, we must find a way to meet the nurturing needs of children. We are familiar with body language as a form of expressing our selves without words. Crying is similar; it’s an unspoken form of communication.  Let’s not neglect one of the many things a crying child needs and that’s healthy, nurturing attachment from the adult.  Let’s get involved, pay close attention and seek the needs of the crying child instead of keeping an arms length.

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