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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Recently, Inherit Your Rights completed another 16 week paralegal training with students from our partners at Jobortunity.

Over this time, 27 students learned about topics including women’s rights, property, inheritance, domestic violence, labour rights and more. The students consisted of young adults – both men and women – of all different backgrounds from around Arusha. They sat two exams, one half way through the course, and one at the very end.

Student who received over 75% in the exams are eligible to become paralegals and can further play a critical role in representing the disadvantaged and raising awareness in their communities and beyond.

Yusta, one of the students, was a top performer in her class.

“I’m very happy to get my paralegal certificate,” said Yusta. “I learned that we as women can really do something to advance our rights.”

“As a paralegal, I want to spread this knowledge further. When I get the chance I’ll be communicating with youth. I talk to a lot of youth in my community and I want to get them together and explain what I learned from Inherit Your Rights.”

Mobilising youth in this way can be a pivotal force for change. By creating a network of young community champions we can initiate a behavioural change in the next generation to advocate for women rights and equality across the board.

To contribute to societal change, we must work with every member of the community. When men, women and children alike are aware of their rights, it builds understanding and fosters informed and engaged communities who can work together to advocate for their rights – whether it’s for themselves, their family or neighbour.

“It’s very important to learn about legal rights because we can help women in our society,” adds Yusta. “Women face challenges every day in our daily life and many people don’t know about the laws there to help them.

We can’t wait to see what Yusta and her fellow class mates do next to help raise awareness

and educate and empower others.

Do you know a group that would benefit from our training? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help. Contact us at

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