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Celebrating Day of the Girl

Today marks International Day of the Girl. This day, which recognises the rights of and challenges girl around the world face, is of particular importance to us at Inherit Your Rights.

Sadly, too many girls globally face discrimination and are denied opportunities which allow them to thrive and grow. All girls have the right to a safe, educated, and healthy life. These are essential rights which allow them to develop into strong and empowered women who can contribute to real change in their communities.

Allowing girls to realise their potential through access to schooling, health care and a safe home environment is an investment in a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

However, the customs and traditions of a community mean that girls can face gender-based violence, be forced into child marriage, be denied an education, and not given a say in their future.

The United Nationals has outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve by 2030. This includes Goal 5, gender equality. Women’s equality and empowerment also underpins the remaining 16 Sustainable Development Goals which focus on quality education, health and wellbeing and decent work and economic growth to name a few.

At Inherit Your Rights, we believe that education empowers women and girls and leads to real change. When women and girls know their rights, they can advocate for their rights. It gives them the knowledge and confidence to have a voice and a say in their future.

Through our Child Right’s program we educate girls, as well as boys on their rights. We focus on the rights of women and girls in particular, so the next generation can be champions of advocating for these basic human rights.

Our Women’s Right curriculum focuses on 16 topics such as domestic violence, property, inheritance and more. By empowering mothers to take control of their futures, they can raise a next generation of daughters who can carry the torch and inspire change.

As you can see, education here plays a key role is raising awareness of inequalities, the laws that are there to protect women and the legal channels that can be pursued to address these. This knowledge empowers and allows women to advocate, assert and defend their rights.

Investing in the power of women and girls builds and providing them the means to understand and advocate for their rights builds a promising, more hopeful and equal world.

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