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Barefoot lawyers helping others!

This Saturday, we had the pleasure of running a refresher training for our paralegals. We asked them what are the challenges they are facing in their geographical areas and we got some wonderful feedback about the successes they have seen and the challenges they are facing. Here is a quote from someone who was observing the training: I got to meet these wonderful women today. They are addressing human rights violations against women and children in their communities by training as paralegals, or “barefoot lawyers”. These women are essentially first responders in cases of theft from widows, rape, domestic violence, sexual corruption, and child abuse. These women spoke frankly about female students who were required to have sex with their teachers in order to get the good grades they deserved. I watched the head nods when they discussed the need to make photocopies of documents submitted in cases of abuse because the pages often go “missing“ at trial. One woman spoke about her personal trauma and how she is now called to help other women in similar situations. I found many of these stories unfathomable and I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to share most of them here. However, it is striking to me that these women have seen their communities at these sad, low times and faced disbelief, corruption, and anger from those in power, and still they are taking steps to bring knowledge back to that same community, full of resolve and smiling for selfies with their graduation certificate. To me it is precisely that kind of hope and strength and love that will prevail in the fight to establish women’s rights as human rights in every community. Thank you for the friendship Judi and Inherit Your Rights paralegals!

Paralegals from Longdong, Ungulelo, Moshono, Sokon 1.

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