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A Widow with disabilities gets it all!!

We wanted to share this wonderful success story with you about Mwajuma, a disabled widow who was able to receive the inheritance from her late husband's estate.

We partner with a wonderful organisation called Neema Village. Every month our lawyers Baraka and Winnie go and train and educate the women and widows. The Neema Village newsletter quotes: 'The Women's Rights Seminar is a 16 week course taught by two young attorneys. They help women understand that they do have rights; the right to not be beaten, to inherit their land and cows, the corn, the home and the fields. The first class today was about how their children have the right to support from the father and how to make that happen." "Mwajuma showed up at Neema a few years ago. She was sitting in the driveway one morning when we woke up. She had had polio when she was 12 and has walked on her knees since then. She married and had a son and then her husband left her....A friend called her a few months ago and told her that her husband had died. Mwajuma decided to go to the village. While there she began to talk to the elders about her right to inherit the land and home. She had learned some very important things through the Women's Rights program and she was able to inherit all he had owned. The widow got it all!"

Thankful for our partnership with Neema Village and for stories like these that make our job worthwhile.

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