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"A voice for women's rights, equality & justice"

Inherit Your Rights

Tackling gender injustice through education & advocacy.

Women in Tanzania are extremely vulnerable to injustice due to the patriarchal customs that direct society.

Under customary law, a widow has no right of inheritance, and often no right to own land.

There are high rates of domestic and sexual violence against women, FGM is still practiced and

child marriage is common. 

The good news is that there are statutory laws in place to protect the rights of women in Tanzania.


The challenge for justice seekers is that most women are not aware of these laws. Nor do most women have access to legal assistance. These dynamics result in women living outside the protection of the law.  

Inherit Your Rights seeks to bring women in Tanzania under the rightful protection of the law through education and advocacy, for the eradication of gender-based injustice.

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We bring awareness of women's rights through seminars & community training events, short courses, and media broadcasts.

We provide access to justice by offering free legal aid services to women & girls in need.


We support Tanzanian law graduates through our Legal Fellowship Program.

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We equip women to take action to defend their rights through our Community Advisor Program and legal procedure mentoring scheme.


We want women's rights to be known, respected & protected.

We want to see an end to gender-based injustice in Tanzania.


Do you have a legal issue you need help with?

If you are a woman facing legal trouble in Tanzania, particularly around property, inheritance or marital issues, get in touch with us today.

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