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Building strength and confidence

We are working with our partners Neema Village on a self protection program that educates women on their rights surrounding issues including domestic violence and assault, and practical techniques they can use to defend themselves.

This feeds into our domestic and gender-based violence curiculum topics we teach to women’s groups in Arusha and beyond. As part of this, we have enlisted the help of a Tae Kwon Do teacher to instruct women on tactics and techniques they can use to protect themselves.

With widespread accounts of domestic violence and many women and girls having to walk long distances, often alone, to attend school or work, the threat of assault is ever present.

Helping educate women on practical techniques, along with their rights - including their right to safety and to say no - helps build confidence and strength. In turn, this teaches women to use their voice - whether it be to advocate for their rights, report instances of abuse or rape, call for help, and if needed, appropriately use force as a last resort.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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