Vision and mission

Our mission is to educate, empower and represent women and girls, including widows in the Arusha region of Tanzania about their legal and basic human rights. 

Our vision is to build an effective vehicle to empower individuals to stand up for their rights as well as equality and justice.  Our approach is three-fold and focuses on education, empowerment and representation. We are also driven by the following beliefs:

Legal rights are human rights

The customs or traditions of a community do not always protect a woman’s right to own or inherit property. However, in Tanzania, there are statutory laws that give men and women equal rights to property ownership. Ensuring these laws are upheld and that women are informed and have a voice when it comes to inheritance and property, particularly after the death of her husband, is a key focus of our work. In addition, we also advocate for women and children’s rights in areas of marriage, divorce, labour issues and domestic violence.

Through education, we empower

We believe that education is a powerful tool that empowers communities. When women are aware of their rights they can make independent, informed decisions about their future, and proactively share knowledge with others in their community. Through our educational curriculum, passing participants are eligible to become paralegals and can further play a critical role in contributing to the advancement of women's rights in their communities. 

We not only work with widows,

but entire communities

Inherit Your Rights was originally founded to aid widows after the death of their husbands. Today, we also provide training to women and girls as a whole so they can so they can take steps to protect their rights and avoid situations that many widows find themselves in later in life. We also train men and community elders on women's rights as this builds understanding and fosters informed and engaged communities who can work together to advocate for women's rights.

Knowing your rights fosters long term change

The empowerment of women can lead to a brighter, more just future for all. Women who are well informed, aware of their rights and the channels they can use to exercise them, contribute to building stronger, more secure communities. For women, it enables a greater ability to participate in society and make forward thinking choices which help guarantee a stable and financially secure future for their families. For communities at large, our work aims to fosters inclusivity and reduce inequality gaps. 

You can help make our vision a reality

Our educational programs such as our paralegal and community champion trainings raise critical awareness on women's rights. Your support will help us empower more women.