Our Superwomen

Through our work we meet many inspiring women who are determined and committed to learning about and advocating for their rights.

We refer to these individuals we have had the privilege of working with as our Superwomen. These women have taken it upon themselves to learn, educate others and mobilise their communities behind the cause of women's legal rights. 

Winnie, lawyer

Winnie is a key staff member of Inherit Your Rights. She joined our team in 2012 and due to her natural legal aptitude and passion for women's rights our we supported her to attend law school through our former legal fellowship program. Winnie now runs many of our community trainings and provides legal aid to women who cannot afford representation. She has trained countless women and girls as part of our work and is also a mother to two young children.

Yusta, recent paralegal graduate

“I’m very happy to get my paralegal certificate. I learned that we as women can really do something to advance our rights. As a paralegal, I want to spread this knowledge further. I’ll be communicating with youth. I talk to a lot of youth in my community and I want to get them together and explain what I learned from Inherit Your Rights. It is very important to learn about legal rights because we have the power to help women in our society. Women face challenges every day in our life and many people don’t know about the laws there to help them.”

Mama Esther, community advocate

Mama Esther has always been an active community member. She runs a children's home and a palliative care facility in her hometown of Marangu and is an Inherit Your Rights advocate. In Marangu we are currently training 30 students to become paralegals, including Mama Esther herself. Mama Esther has been responsible for mobilising these participants and was further responsible for the training of another seven paralegals in Arusha.

Mama Mchungaji

Having been orphaned at a young age, it was a natural step for Mama Mchungaji  to take on the plight of widows and orphans in her community. Mama Mchungaji works with a group of 50 widows to help provide them with support, training and Christmas and Easter dinners. Mama Mchungaji  helped bring together these widows for a training session on wills, inheritance and property on International Widows Day this year.

Anna, current paralegal student

Anna is currently attending paralegal training thanks to our partners at Sasa Foundation. She is half way through her course and recently completed her first exam, scoring a very impressive 95%. "I have learned so many things on inheritance, laws that protect women and about domestic violence," said Anna "I can say that a lot of women after attending the training have realised what they are supposed to do before and after their husbands have died so their property is secure. I am happy to learn all of this."

Help us empower more women

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